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Born in Milan in 1962. From an early age showed great creativity . Student uncle painter Ettore Casagrande Count of Axox , he devotes himself to painting since 1994 , the year of his transfer in Piacenza, where time and space allow her to fulfill her dream. His works are presentin in important private and public collections; among his admirers there are famous people worldwide, of which the artist keeps photos and dedications.

Hilde Genoese takes care herself also of poetry. She has been finalist to the section poetry in “Prize Valtidoncello 97 ”, during the seventh Edition dedicated to the Poet she has obtained the Novellistic prize of “ 1998 ” Ada Negri – Poetry selected in the Anthological Collection and “ the Poetry Prize 99 ” always dedicated to the Poet To. Negri – Poetry selected and published in the anniversary anthology.

Città Vuota

di Hilde Genoese (1982)
poesia finalista al concorso “Premio Valtidoncello 97”

Città vuota ti odio,
odio te cara idiota
che guardi agli occhi degli altri con troppa fiducia. 

Vedi sei sola impara,
l'estate ti butta in faccia la sua gioia
e tu sorridi a questa città vuota, a questa vita vuota
che ti sfugge come sabbia fra le dita.

The comments of famous critics of art 

Pasolino: “ From the contemporary impressionism, the good painter from Piacenza, has learned the thoughlessness, like if the life were a continuous festivity in the light, trying to pick the visual impression of the scene and the natural landscape en plein air. She is one remarkable and intriguer painter of taste the 1900's, difficult to seize, to catalogue, for those mobile oscillating scansions between impressionism and espressionism post-impressionism. Equipped of an eclectic means availability of expressions, she passes from the painting to oil to the water colours, to the difficult technique of the blood one … ” 

Falossi: “ the painter introduces flowers and natures died with precise and scrupulous execution, with refined elaboration in  that spaces in the light and in reality. Her  burlaps transmit, with expressive wealth, the emotions of the color … 

The children who she is going to pint,  represent the character of the same ones, while, the landscape appears to who watches her sublimation of tenuous light and studies cromatism to you ”

Fappanni: “ the artistic experience of Hilde Genoese, draws inspiration from  varies stimolus, postcards, illustrations, press, beyond to ends and landscaped views taken en plen air, in which we do not see only a simple internationality traspositivity, but a declared insipration to a reflection which is born from a deep capacity to catch the essentiality present in each subject.

… the creative gesture of the Genoese seems to be sensitive then and ductile in the breath of a perspective vision of the real  that goes beyond the  limits of the senses, in the attempt to compose on the burlap shapes and details that immediately render recognizable introduced  what is presented  on the burlap ….”


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